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Turkey Vulture - Twist the Knife (Independent)

It might not seem like it these days, but somewhere between the industrial cities and the impossibly rich suburbs, the state of Connecticut has been home to a wide range of heavy bands. The Constitution State is or was the home of recognizable acts such as Youth of Today, With Honor, Emmure, and of course Hatebreed.

While many of the more recognizable venues have closed over the last two decades, the underground scene still burns with fury. And from this community of rockers and headbangers comes Turkey Vulture with their third EP Twist the Knife (self released). Comprised of husband and wife duo Jim Clegg (drums) and Jessie May (vocal, guitar, bass), the brief but refreshing album is an excellent punk/hardcore/metal crossover opus.

Despite the tropical paradise that comes to mind, leading track "Fiji" is instead a two-step frenzy that goes for the throat. Flowing right into "Livestock On Our Way to Slaughter," the vibe takes us for a quick trip through doom/stoner territory to somewhere between Down and Cathedral. But don't get too comfortable because the second half of the song throws you right in the pit in the style of Terror or Judge.

Switching gears to a more punk approach, "Where the Truth Dwells" steps up the tempo and adds in some stellar guitar harmonies. Things go real Distillers like with the closing track, "She's Married (But Not to Me)", which contains the line that gave the album its name.

What is really interesting is Turkey Vulture's versatility. At about seven and a half minutes, Twist the Knife is painted from a palette of influences from L7 and The Casualties to Indecision and Baroness. In many ways, the album strongly represents the diversity that the Connecticut heavy music scene is known for.

The Metal Mayan Rating: 5/5

Short as the run time may be, each track makes its point loud and clear. The excellent lock in of the guitar and drums under Jessie May's wide range of vocal stylings are almost a tease that leave me wanting more.

That said, "She's Married (But Not to Me)" is my favorite because of its honest, raw punk approach to a subject I am sure many of us can relate to. I'm sure Brody Dalle would be proud!

Check out Turkey Vulture on Bandcamp and purchase a copy of Twist the Knife, coming 14 January, 2022


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