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The Voyeurist Tour @ The Fillmore Silver Spring

Since my last show in February wasn’t in the photo pit, it seemed the photo gods owed me one. Thanks to the Underoath publicity team, I scored a photo pass for the sold-out show of the Voyeurist Tour on March 18 at The Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland. The venue where I got my very first photo pass almost nine years ago.

Now, I could go on and sound like a broken record when I say the bands were incredible, jaw-dropping worthy even, but I can’t even begin to articulate it. So, I will condense each band to a few sentences and let the photos speak for themselves.

Starting with the first opener, punk metal band from New York, Stray From the Path: If you’re a fan of old school Rage Against the Machine, I highly recommend seeing them. They seriously got the crowd going, giving them a taste of what the evening will bring.

Next up, Bad Omens: I have heard of them through word of mouth, and days before seeing the show, I listened to some of their stuff. I dug it. But seeing them live; that’s a beautiful experience. I can’t further describe how amazing their set was; just go see them, mmkay?

Now, Spiritbox: honestly, they were the main reason I was at that show. I heard of them last summer when one of my best friends told me about them. When their debut album came out last September, I became obsessed, I needed to see them. Thank the gods for this tour… As for their official review, without having to drop several overly enthusiastic expletives; FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING UNHOLY, GO SEE THEM. I almost cried and my jaw hurt from clenching it to keep it from falling to the floor.

And for the final act, Underoath: Good looooord. I was still recovering from Spiritbox swiftly kicking my ass, but Underoath knocked me right back down again. To say I was in awe of their performance is an understatement. They really piqued my interest when they had someone show up on stage before their set wearing a digital mask and a hoodie, instructing the crowd to breathe in, breathe out, and raise their hands. Then, Underoath dove right into their set.

My extraverted introverted self was thoroughly wiped out by the end of the evening, and in the best way possible. There are a few dates left on this tour. My overall recommendation: run, do not walk, and get tickets to the show nearest you before they’re gone. Do not miss this tour.



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