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The Metal Mayan Mixtape 24 May, 2024

Poolside At The Flamingo - Accabadora (Blood Blast Distribution)

"Four devastating tracks straight from the death-grind war machine."

For those who were not there in the early years of deathcore, circa 2003 to 2007, there was a time when a handful of bands carried tongue-in-cheek humorous names. Some examples include The Red Chord, See You Next Tuesday, The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, and Arsonists Get All the Girls.

Though unique from each other in their blending of death metal, hardcore, thrash metal and other styles, all of the above had one thing in common: their names were worth a chuckle, but the music was deadly serious.

Such is the case with Poolside At The Flamingo, a contemporary of the aforementioned bands, whose gears of war now churn out their highly anticipated EP, Accabaroda. Pulling out all the stops with the opening title track, at just under three minutes, this is the longest of the four songs on the album, but nonetheless one that stings like a swarm of angry hornets.

Dialing up the chaos meter with "The Deceiver", there is absolute no room for mercy or compromise as the song segues into "Seething", which rounds out with a spine shattering breakdown. Rounding out with the chugging "Hell On Earth", the track is sure to appeal to fans of new school bands like Signs of the Swarm and Great American Ghost.

While the genre of deathcore has matured and refined over the last twenty years, Poolside At The Flamingo keep the flame of the chaos era burning, which here means like a ravaging and all consuming wildfire.

Teramaze - Eli: A Wonderful Fall From Grace (Wells Music)

"A sonic rainstorm of enlightening dreamscapes through progressive melodies."

With a three decade long career and ten albums to their name, it is no surprise that Australian progressive veteran Teramaze are masters of their craft. Through their experience together as a band and as individual musicians, Eli: A Wonderful Fall From Grace enters in as their eleventh full length release, bringing with it a unique feeling of cleansing.

Like rain at the border of spring and summer, gentle enough to be refreshing and purifying, each of the album's eight songs is a unique experience to a calm, introspective realm. Building steadily with "The Will of Eli", classic vibes from the likes of Kamelot and Symphony X meet modern textures of Haken and Skyharbor.

Hook driven guitars, impressive guitar solos and soaring vocals continue into "Step Right Up", before shifting into some thrashier territory akin to Ad Infinitum, Lacuna Coil and heavier Dream Theater in "Madam Roma" and "Standing Ovation".

Concluding with the nearly fifteen minute world builder "A Wonderful Fall From Grace", it should be noted that while a majority of the album's song clock in at around seven minutes long. Yet, the expert songwriting keeps every moment exciting and free from drag that sometimes mires lengthy prog songs.

For longtime prog-metal/rock fans, or newcomers looking for something both top shelf quality, yet digestible, look to Teramaze to deliver the very best the genre has to offer.

Advance copies courtesy of Cosa Nostra PR and Secret Service PR


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