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The Metal Mayan Mixtape 19 April, 2024

Updated: Apr 20

Folterkammer - Weibermacht (Century Media Records)

"A blackened sun rising over the realm of extreme metal - behold the future that is Folterkammer."

Referred to by this publication following their performance live in New York as 'the most ambitious project of its kind since the rise of Cradle of Filth in the early 1990s', for those who have yet to bear witness to Folterkammer, a listen to their sophomore opus, Weibermacht, no doubt backs the above claim.

Following a four year stretch since their debut album, the quintet have only refined their mastery of blackened symphonic metal, careful woven with gothic and operatic overtones. Helmed by vocalist extraordinaire, Andromeda Anarchia, the gnashing guitar tones and blast beats of "Anno Domina" blend seamlessly with Anarchia's fearsome growls and unbelievable soprano voice.

Songs such as "Die Unterwerfung" and "Leck mich!" demonstrate Folterkammer's ability to create a sort of 'concentrated chaos' - a harmony of dissonance if you will. "Herrin der Schwerter" stands out through its incredible prog infused guitar solo. Fans of Satanist era Behemoth will love this song - consider it the "O Father, O Satan, O Sun!" of the album.

Drawing from the spell books of Marduk, Carach Angren, and even the likes of Gaerea and Batushka, Folterkammer should be at the top of every extreme metal fanatic's list of bands to watch as they leave their grim mark on the pages of heavy metal history.

My Dying Bride - A Mortal Binding (Peaceville Records)

"Melancholy skies that signal the triumphant return of the masters of doom and dread."

Though keeping busy since their 2020 release, The Ghost of Orion, even releasing an EP later that same year, the blackened and grievous skies coming forth from England mark the arrival of the latest offering from doom metal legends, My Dying Bride. Coming in as their fifteenth album, A Mortal Binding stands to be one of the finest entries in the band's discography, which spans thirty four years.

Solidifying their lineup with guitarist Neil Blanchett and returning drummer Dan Mullins, A Mortal Binding is an exquisite showcase of vocalist and lyricist extraordinaire Aaron Stainthorpe. Calling back to some of My Dying Bride's earliest work, "The 2nd of Three Bells" brings out the iconic groaning guitar riffs, mournful orchestration courtesy of keyboardist Shaun MacGowen, and Stainthorpe's heartbreak weary voice.

Not forgetting their legacy as pioneers of the death-doom metal subgenre, made famous in the early 1990s by the 'Peaceville Three' (My Dying Bride, Anathema and Paradise Lost who were all signed to Peaceville Records at the time), "Her Dominion" and "Unthroned Creed" give the band the chance to bear their teeth - now more fearsome than ever.

Combining their forces in the eleven minute track "The Apocalyptist", Stainthorpe, MacGowen, Mullins and Blanchett, along with guitarist Andrew Craighan and bassist Lena Abé bring to life a tour-de-force of doom, death, and gothic metal.

Those already familiar with My Dying Bride are sure to love their much anticipated new release, and for those who have yet to become acquainted with them, let this be the gateway to a grim and bleak realm. Welcome to the grey lands, enjoy your stay.

Satanic North - Satanic North (Reaper Entertainment)

"And from the abyss, a roar came forth - and all bowed down in fear and awe."

Though famous for its plethora of melodic metal bands, Finland is also revered among metal fans as the home of some of black metal's fiercest titans, such as Horna, Sargeist, and Behexen. Rising from deep in the abyss of extreme Finnish music, Satanic North rears its diabolical head with their self-titled debut album.

Formed in 2019 by Petri Lindroos and Janne Parviainen, both members folk metal heavyweights Ensiferum, their roles as bassist and drummer respectively are rounded out by guitarist Skomorokh and vocalist Von Occult.

From the unforgiving blast beats of "War", "Arise" and "Behind the Inverted Cross", to the razor sharp diminished riffs of "Hatred and Blasphemy" and "Four Demons", there is no shortage of black metal hallmarks at every turn. Explicitly stating their goal to return to the finest elements of the genre's sound, including a raw, natural tone throughout the album, Satanic North have certainly reached their objective and blown it to shreds.

For the Kvlt Kommando longing for the traditional black metal sound of the second wave (see also: Mayhem, Dark Funeral, Gorgoroth), look no further than the grim future that is Satanic North.

Advanced copies courtesy of Suspiria PR, Earsplit PR and Secret Service PR


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