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The Jinjer USA Tour @ The Fillmore Silver Spring

I know, I’m late posting this but with the Thanksgiving holiday madness, I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write a proper review. So, I am pleased to present this review for the Jinjer tour which brought a nearly sold-out tour to The Fillmore Silver Spring on November 17. Accompanying them was Space of Variations (a fellow Ukrainian band), Vended, and P.O.D.

I always love showing up early for the openers. It’s a must. You’ll never know what band you’ll discover when you show up to the venue early. I felt that tenfold when I saw Space of Variation. They had such an astounding presence, so much so that during their set, a fuse blew on the stage, causing their gear to stop at the beginning of one of their songs. Despite the sudden halt, they weren’t swayed. They still managed to keep the energy going. That’s a band worth seeing in my book.

At the risk of sounding ignorant, I didn’t know Vended was Griffin Taylor and Simon Crahan’s band. I knew they were in a band; I just didn’t know the name. I was left speechless after exiting the photo pit. While he does hate being compared to his father, it can’t be helped. Griffin definitely has his father’s influence in his vocals, but he made it his own. The whole band made it their own. They’re no longer on tour with Jinjer right now, but when you can, go see them. You won’t regret it.

Okay… I have words for P.O.D. GET BETTER LIGHTING. Usually when I’ve shot them, I was able to see their faces and always managed to get phenomenal shots of them. But it was very low lighting, down-right atrocious. Other than that, they put on a solid set. They even introduced a new song to be released next year called “Drop.” Definitely a catchy tune and I look forward to it to drop… no? Okay… moving on.

As for Jinjer, WOW. They truly exceeded my expectations, and I was thrilled to hear my favorite song by them in the photo pit, “Teacher, Teacher.” Tatiana gave me and my fellow photographers some attention with lots of eye contacts, even going as far as to fist bump a few crowd surfers. The band was very engaging with the crowd and played on a fantastic set.

The Jinjer U.S. Tour has twelve dates left on their run and proceeds from tickets and merch bought go to those suffering in Ukraine. It’s for a good cause so go and buy a ticket and some merch. You’ll also get the benefit of seeing a face-melting show. You won’t regret missing it.


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