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SOM - The Shape Of Everything (Pelagic Records)

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

That space in time before tears fall, the tension in the face before a smile or a laugh, or the build up of aggression before a scream. These places just before the peak of intense emotion are practically nameless, but certainly something everyone can easily understand. Still, while difficult to label, SOM, the majestic five piece dubbed as "doom-pop" by Metal Injection, have crafted the perfect soundtrack to these moments with their forthcoming LP, The Shape Of Everything (Pelagic Records).

A collective of members from Boston based post-rock/art-rock/shoegaze bands, including Caspian, Junius, and Constants, SOM takes these elements and pushes them even further into a realm of emotion and passion. Noted as recommended listening for fans of Deftones and Tame Impala, The Shape Of Everything is sure to draw fans from many other arms of the rock and metal world.

The journey into the deep reaches of feelings begins with "Moment", with vocalist Will Benoit lulling listeners to rest their tired minds. Backing Benoit are the low tuned guitars of Mike Repasch-Nieves and Joel Reynolds, and the rhythmic stylings of bassist Justin Forrest and drummer Duncan Rich. "Animals" introduces an innocent melody, conjuring up memories of running through leaves on the way home from school, or sitting with your pet on a rainy day.

Drawing textures from Baroness and Tears For Fears, "Shape" is a catchy, head bopping track that puts some pep in one's step. In contrast, "Wrong" is simply heartbreaking. There you are on the subway, the doors closing, your love is on the platform and you both have much to say that you cannot say. Are they good words, are they bad words, are they words either of you will ever say? Whatever the case, "Wrong" captures that moment of regret and indecision perfectly.

Calling on the aforementioned Deftones influence and adding in vibes from Anathema and some of Devin Townsend's more spiritual moments, "Son Of Winter" closes the album with a spirit of acceptance. It is the hand of reassurance that says that some things are as they are and will remain so, but these things do not need to define a person.

The Metal Mayan Rating: 5/5

I will be honest, I wasn't ready for how hard "Wrong" was going to hit me. Not saying that anecdote was based on a true story, not saying it wasn't. Still, the song was a release I didn't know I needed and, when I had finished processing what I was going through, I had to give it a round of applause. To me, it is one thing to talk about evoking emotion, but a band or artist that can actually do so deserves the highest praise.

Beyond this, the entire album is a wonderful blend of shoegaze and atmospheric music that, while definitely appealing to a variety of listeners, is unique in its own. Having only released their debut album, The Fall, in 2018, hopefully there are many years of more excellent offerings to come from SOM.

Visit your favorite local record store and pick up a copy of The Shape Of Everything, out 21 January on Pelagic Records.

Advanced copy courtesy of EarSplit PR and Pelagic Records



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