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Kamelot, Seven Spires, Ad Infinitum @ The Paramount

With its many unique bars and restaurants, the Long Island town of Huntington has plenty of lively, exciting places to visit. At the heart of it all is the Paramount, a busy little theater that could be described as a spiffier, pocket sized version of Manhattan's Gramercy Theater with its tasty snacks and solid range of beers.

Often hosting standup comedians and a wide variety of bands, this night was clearly for metal as a line of battle vest clad fans stood outside the venue, eagerly awaiting the festivities ahead.

As part of the "Awaken the World Tour - North America Part II", Floridian power metal legends Kamelot rolled into the Paramount for the second date of their U.S. and Canada run. With the complete tour lasting through the end of May, New York would be treated to the headliners plus supporting acts Seven Spires, appearing at the first four shows before turning their spot over to Hammerfall for the rest of the dates, and Ad Infinitum.

Formed just six years ago, Ad Infinitum have been on a nonstop rise through the symphonic metal ranks. With three stellar albums to their name, including most recently 2023's Chapter III - Downfall, the quartet have blown audiences away on tour with the likes of Visions of Atlantis and Amaranthe to name a few.

Kicking off with the soaring melodies of "Unstoppable", vocalist Melissa Bonny's shimmering voice filled the halls of the Paramount - countered with her immense growls as furious flames balances soothing waters.

With the impeccable instrumentation of bassist Korbinian Benedict and drummer Niklas Müller, and the ripping solos of guitarist Adrian Thessenvitz, fans were delighted to hear favorites like "Eternal Rains" and "See You In Hell".

Released a day before their show in Long Island, "Outer Space" made its live premier on a New York stage as a much anticipated sign of things still to come from Ad Infinitum.

Despite their place on the bill as the first band of the night, by the time the last notes of closer "Into the Night" faded, many in the crowd were already looking as worn down as one might be after a headliner. "I knew they were good," commented one new fan, making their way to the merch stand, "but now I know just how good; I need to see them again."

Generating much buzz among the audience during the changeover, clearly this fan was far from the only one with such sentiments.

"This is the band all my friends won't shut up about," said one fan on the barricades as the houselights cut and "Wanderer's Prayer", serving as the stage setting sample, played over the PA. Storming the scene with "Gods of Debauchery", Seven Spires made quick work of getting the crowd moving.

Comprised of members with degrees from the revered Berklee College of Music, it's no wonder that every note locks perfectly in place with one another, a signature feat of the band since their inception in 2013. Returning to the aforementioned concert goer waiting to see what the fuss was about, already bedazzled by the instrumentation, the immense roar of vocalist Adrienne Cowan, paired with her brilliant clean voice appeared to have left him with wide eyes and an open jaw - simply awestruck.

Set to release their fourth album in June, "Almosttown" served as a sample of the exciting new chapter of Seven Spires breaching the horizon ahead. At the pinnacle of the song, Cowan threatened to shatter glass hitting impossibly high notes as guitarist Jack Kosto's fingers took flight in a head spinning solo.

Not forgetting the tremendous stick skills of drummer Dylan Gowan and the low end rumblings courtesy of bassist Peter Albert de Reyna, which on many occasions pushed into technical territory akin to Beyond Creation and Suffocation, "Architect of Creation" was another brand new cut for fans new and old to bask in.

Concluding with the five (six if you include the reprise) movement, ten and a half minute long "This God Is Dead", the consensus among the crowd following the set was simply how fortunate everyone was to have been at this show to catch such a limited, ultra-exclusive appearance.

Already boasting tours with Dragonforce, Insomnium and Eluveitie, expect big things from Seven Spires - a rising star in the symphonic metal world.

With a legacy spanning three decades, the stage was washed over with blue light as power metal champions Kamelot began their epic set spanning 17 songs taken from seven iconic albums. Still hot on the trail of their last album, The Awakening, released in March 2023, opener "The Great Divide" was the first of six cuts from the band's most recent release.

Commanding the crowd with ease, vocalist Tommy Karevik had hands in the air through songs such as "When the Lights Are Down" and feet off the floor as the crowd jumped to "Insomnia".

As a guest vocalist on the song "New Babylon", Melissa Bonny returned to the stage to perform her parts live. Much to the delight of both Kamelot and Ad Infinitum fans, Bonny would join the headliners several times during their set, with a performance that included a haunting delivery of the melody during "Opus of the Night (Ghost Requiem)".

Ending their set with "Forever" off 2001's Karma, the continuous chants for more 'KA-ME-LOT!' that rang from the crowd more than warranted the three song encore comprise of "Phantom Divine", "One More Flag in the Ground" and "Liar Liar".

"I loved this show, I think I might go to the tour date in New Jersey to see it again" remarked one fan making their way out of the venue. Though having performed in New York City last summer, headlining with support from Battle Beast and Xandria, Huntington crowds couldn't get enough of Kamelot and, if the fan mentioned here can speak for the lot, anxiously await their return to New York.

Ticket and photo pass courtesy of Freeman Promotions



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