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Cradle of Filth, Frayle @ Toad's Place

June 10, 2022

When you are the face and voice for one of most respected extreme metal bands in the history of the genre, what does it take to impress you? Surely, it wouldn't be something related to an Ivy League school, such as Yale University, which boasts a legacy of innovation and elitism.

Yet, such was the case for Dani Filth, the legendary vocalist of the mighty Cradle of Filth, who took to social media to express his appreciation of the university's gothic architecture and the nearby Grove Street Cemetery.

Wandering the final resting place of many respected academics buried near their alma matter, Dani was preparing for the night ahead: one packed with ghoulish entertainment as Cradle of Filth, along with Frayle, would play one of their last tour dates in the heart of New Haven, Connecticut.

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Frayle is more than just a band: they are an experience. Backed by slow, atmospheric instrumentation, vocalist Gwyn Strang sings like a mysterious sorceress who dwells deep in the forest. Her voice pulls you closer to the foreboding darkness with songs such as "Treacle & Revenge" and "Darker than Black".

Drawing influence from within the doom metal genre, a foundation of bands such as Sleep and Myrkur is built upon with textures from Besvärjelsen and Batushka. While this alone is a powerful formula, it is Frayle's mystic vibes that bring everything together in an unforgettable performance. With many fans new and old waiting anxiously to meet the band after the set, it is clear that while their music might be dark, the future of Frayle looks very bright.

Gothic, romantic, epic, horrific: these are just some of the ways one could describe the (haunted) powerhouse that is Cradle of Filth. While many have tried over the past 30 years to follow the path carved by the English masters of musical horror, they are all driven away in fear and awe by the unmistakable screams of vocalist extraordinaire, Dani Filth.

Touring in support of their "latest excrement (see also: album)", Existence Is Futile, the setlist was packed full of cuts off the new record and many of the band's other thirteen studio albums. Voices from the audience were raised to join keyboardist Zoe Marie Federoff for the verses and pre-chorus of "Nymphetamine". To the delight of many, "I Am the Thorn" off 2006's Thornography returned to the stage for the first time in 15 years.

Not forgetting their longest running fans, classic songs making their debut or first return to the stage in many years included "Nocturnal Supremacy", "Lustmord & Wargasm", and "Scorched Earth Erotica". Of course, it would not be a Cradle of Filth show without a stellar performance of "Her Ghost in The Fog" and an encore of "Gilded C*nt" to close out the evening.

Press and photo pass courtesy of Freeman Promotions



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