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About Us

The Site

You don't survive thousands of years of change as a society without being brutal. The Metal Mayan is named in honor of the founder's heritage and aims to keep the spirit of perseverance and heaviness alive through words and images. 


The Metal Mayan is here to bring you all things heavy from amazing albums, intense live shows, and outrageous interviews. 


All writing, photos, and opinions expressed here are our own. 

Meet the Team

The Metal Mayan himself, Rodey Tsapralis is an indigenous Guatemalan living in the northeast United States.

Having written for metal publications since 2013, he established this website in 2021 to fulfill a longtime goal. 

When not on the frontlines at a show in New York City, Rodey trains for powerlifting competitions and spends time with his cat, Frida. 

Rodey prefers Nikon cameras and lenses, Hearos earplugs, and Monster Energy. 

Hailing from Virginia, Kate Drexel is no stranger to the photo pit.


With six years of experiences in the trenches, you will find her in the photo pits of the Mid-Atlantic, United States.


On the other side of the camera lens, Kate is an author of horror novels, where her characters suffer for the reader's pleasure. 

Kate goes to the show with a sharp eye for detail and her trusty Canon 6D in hand. 

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